European Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting Federation


The European Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting Federations (ERABSF) is a sporting organisation that gathers the national European associations, who practice rimfire and air rifle benchrest shooting, in participation of all competitions within European, at all levels. The Federation has a democratic base with central structures governing European competition and national (peripheral) structures in the countries within European, participating in this sport. The ERBASF promotes development in respect of peer opportunity within this recreational activity, guiding cultural liaison and sporting practice based on the free partnership, on solidarity and on the service of individuals. This is particularly fitting for all the age groups and social categories we work with (with particular attention to the juniors and disabled persons) so together we strive for a common goal. As for our sporting objectives it is constituted by our union of national rimfire benchrest organisations and amateur sporting associations. The ERABSF enjoys organisational and managerial autonomy, where we support those new activities tied to precision rimfire and air rifle shooting, through partnerships that develop these sports in the respect of the principles laid down in our constitution and rules. To develop rimfire and air rifle benchrest in to a sound international sport the ERABSF may work in association with other organisational bodies representing both national and international target shooting. This aim is to attain conventions with other sporting bodies to promote this sport. The ERABSF will participate with other public organisations and corporate bodies to promote itself and the sport of rimfire and air rifle benchrest. The ERABSF is not a profit making organisation and all their elective positions are gratis.